Engage in Arts and Crafts Activities to Make Christmas Special


Engaging in Christmas arts and crafts is one of the major activities of the holidays. And it's not only for the kids but is for young and old alike.

The pre-Christmas preparations are a magical time in which the family unites, by spending more time together, gathering at a table to make Christmas decorations together...

The festive season sees varieties of activities, which basically start from the Advent. Although these activities are mainly associated with cooking and feasting or decorating the Christmas tree, the Christmas arts and crafts also play an important part in the whole holiday celebration.

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There are innumerable ornaments which are being used as Christmas tree decorations. Some of the ornaments are hand made by the ladies at home, and some may be created by the children at school.

Most of the Christmas arts and crafts are based on Bible. The most popular ornaments are stockings, reindeer, different colored balls, Santa Claus, Christmas star, Nativity scenes, or baby Jesus. Ornaments are an essential element for adorning the tree, and Christmas arts and crafts are used with great enthusiasm for this purpose.

Some may get the notion that Christmas arts and crafts are nothing more than the Christmas tree ornaments. This is however not the case. All the special things that are done in this festive season may be described as Christmas arts and crafts.

All family members can brainstorm together to prepare numerous projects and entertaining activities, for example, in the form of making a gingerbread house, doing baubles decoupage (i.e. the act of gluing paper or fabric cut-outs onto an object), or gluing chains.

However, the food is still the most important for any festivity for people around the world. Christmas is famous for the goodies that are being prepared in the kitchen, like the Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, roasted stuffed turkey, pies and desserts of every variety. And there are cookies and special Christmas breads, too! Take a look at our page about Christmas desserts for inspiration or try some of our delicious Christmas dessert recipes.


Give a special meaning to your Christmas gift with handmade crafts


There are many possibilities of what you can make to give your special someone which will be cherished more than a store-bought item.


If you are a person who enjoys sewing, embroidery, and other needle arts, you may easily come up with a crafty holiday gift idea. Your options would include something small, such as sewing napkins and pot holders, or embroidering a magnet or a small, simple picture or a key ring.

But if you want to make more effort, then embroidering a larger picture or sewing a handbag, purse or a bathrobe would be practical.


If knitting or crocheting is your thing, then Christmas gift ideas that are quick to make and inexpensive would include, for example, a winter hat, a scarf, gloves, a poncho or slippers.

However, if you have more time to spare and want to give a bigger gift, knitted or crocheted blankets, shawls or throws are the best. This way you can incorporate different colors, textures, styles and designs in various ways so that your handmade present is sure to be remembered for years to come.


In addition to the arts and crafts considered to be more feminine, you might also be (especially if you’re a man) skilled at woodworking. In this case, you may think of a gift such as a small picture frame, or carving a small statue of something that this person would like, e.g. fish, birds or even their own caricature. Larger designs would include creating a headboard for a child's bed, a jewelry box for the wife, and even a spice rack for the chef.

If wood-burning or basket-weaving is your specialty, then you can create a truly unique Christmas present. When someone receives their name or a favorite quote on a sign they can display, they realize how personal the gift is. Gift baskets are always a favorite when it comes to holiday gifts but if someone knows that the basket itself was handmade especially for them, that makes it even more special.


Paintings or drawings, such as oil and water-based canvas paintings, are another great idea if you are skilled at these arts. Having received a piece of art created by a friend will surely be worth much more than the usual price because of the love put into it. Another painting art would be airbrushing where a good gift idea could be an airbrushed T-shirt.


Taking the time to make something special by hand for our loved ones will always create more value than anything else bought in the store. Even though it may not always seem like it at first, but over time the gifts that leave the most lasting impression are from those who loved us enough to create the best thing ever.