Indulge in Desserts to Keep Christmas Extra Sweet


Christmas is a time when we can indulge a bit, forget about all restrictions, because the New Year is coming soon, and thus New Year’s resolutions. Everyone eats at Christmas, so why should we deny ourselves? And this is even more true when you can't avoid the food delicacies on the table.

Allow yourself to indulge in a moderate quantity of your favorite Christmas chocolates, cakes, cookies, candies, or other delicious Christmas desserts this holiday season!

We have a valid excuse for why you should treat yourself to some sweets at this time. Apart from the pleasure and happiness, you'll naturally feel when you experience tasty food, your mood will improve and your stress will be reduced. And also, as most festive recipes contain fruits, eating a dessert will give you a perfect incentive to consume healthy fruit which is disguised in a piece of blueberry pie.

Gourmet chocolates are the sweetest gift you can give. Select the best box of chocolates you can find and you'll be in the person’s good books for a long time. However, finding the right gourmet chocolate gift for Christmas can be challenging because the market is often saturated with ordinary and cheap chocolate which is too sweet and too creamy, therefore particularly fattening, full of artificial ingredients and sugar. So don’t settle for ordinary chocolates this Christmas season.

Why not use your cooking skills instead, and prepare a homemade Christmas dessert yourself or with the help of your family?

Christmas cookies, candy, cakes, and many other delicious desserts are specially made during the festive Christmas period. Every country has its own traditional Christmas recipes which always include wonderful holiday offerings that make for a great dessert.

Various recipes make a great addition to the table and it is a holiday tradition for families to get together and try out new Christmas recipes each year. Each lady of the house likes to prepare her own specialty for the holidays, but some desserts are still favored more than others. Families usually have their favorites, whether it’s chocolate chips, shortbreads, or pinwheels. The homemade desserts also make great presents when we combine them with other items in a Christmas gift basket.


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Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies are more than just baked goods. They help to stay connected with all loved ones and with friends and family around the world.

The origin of Christmas cookies is related to Santa Claus. People were baking cookies on Christmas just because they wanted Santa to have something to eat before he would leave to visit the next house. And therefore, cookies are also a festive food to eat on Christmas. They are fun to make and decorate and when they are done they look so nice and pretty. The fresh from the oven cookies just taste amazing and are a really special thing to eat on Christmas Day.

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Gingerbread Man cookies

The gingerbread man cookies are a popular dessert from the Anglo-Saxon countries. These cookies are also appreciated by Santa Claus. The Christmas night, children leave some of the cookies in a tray on the table, together with a cup of milk, as a treat for Santa Claus who brings them presents.

Baking gingerbread men desserts and gingerbread houses is a common kitchen activity during the Christmas season. Later, these cookies are also used to decorate the tree. It is called gingerbread because of the ginger which is used in making these cookies. Originally, gingerbread houses were produced in Germany and their popularity took off after the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel became famous.

Check out some of the popular Christmas cookie recipes here: Gingerbread Men cookies, Spritz cookies dipped in chocolate, Chocolate Kahlua Truffle, Spumoni Slices Italian Christmas cookies, Cranberry Sugar cookies, or Austrian Christmas horns.

Shop delicious Christmas cookies here. They're perfect for Santa or any cookie lover!

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Christmas cakes

Christmas is celebrated across the world with great fun and fervor. It is a festival of some mouth-watering cake recipes. Christmas cakes are the most adorable desserts which all children, as well as grown-ups, love and appreciate. A decorative Christmas cake is an ideal treat for anyone looking to enjoy the festive season of Christmas.

There are various types of Christmas cakes are available on the market. However, a homemade cake, baked by you, would be a perfect Christmas gift for someone you care about as it will reflect your love and warmth.

In order to make your Christmas cake a little more interesting, apply your creativity in terms of budget. For the cake decoration, you must do something simple and beautiful. Rolled out icing is a perfect way to decorate a cake. If you're thinking to give a cake to someone for Christmas, then you should personalize it, as it will be a great way to make the recipient happy. You may also sprinkle glitters or sparkles on the top of the cake which is also a good solution for a Christmas cake decoration.

Try these tasty Christmas cake recipes here: Festive Frangelico cake, or Florida Rum cake.

Christmas candy

It is a lot of fun to make Christmas candy, especially for kids. Making candies at home provides additional benefits since most homemade candy will last quite a long time, and can be custom made to you liking.

Some of the popular Christmas candy recipes include: Mahogany Butter Crunch Toffee, Maple Sponge candy, Great Grandmother Potato candy, Chocolate Almond Rum Balls.

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Candy canes

Since the beginning candy canes were made in the shape of a shepherd's crook which was a symbol of Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd. The symbol of the shepherd's crook is an ancient one, which represents the humble shepherds who first arrived to worship the newborn Baby Jesus.

The white color of the Christmas candy cane symbolizes the purity and virginity of Mother Mary as well as the sinless personality of Jesus. The firmness of the candy is considered as a symbol of the solid rock, the foundations of churches, and the solidity of God's made promises. The candy canes are formed in a "J" shape to represent the name of Jesus and the shape of the crook of the Good Shepherd.

Candy canes have existed for centuries, but it was only around the 1900s when they were decorated with red stripes and curved in the shape of a cane. In the early 20th century, the three small red stripes and one large red stripe were introduced to represent the stripes of the scourging Jesus and the blood that was shed by Jesus on the cross.

Christmas Nougat

The nougat is of Arabic origin and is a typical dessert served at Christmas time in countries such as Spain, France, Greece, and Italy.

It can have many different varieties, but it is usually made of chocolate, honey, and almonds and other nuts, among other ingredients.

When in the 16th century, the chef of King Philip II decided to serve nougat for dessert, as part of the festive menu, the nobility began to eagerly imitate this new custom. Thus, the reputation of the nougat sweet as an exquisite dessert spread rapidly.