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Christmas Piano Books for Beginners: Here’s How to Learn!


In the Christmas spirit of hospitality, of meeting and sharing joy with others, regardless of their religious beliefs, collecting and playing the piano arrangements of the best Christmas carols and music is the most precious gift you can give.

The pieces that you’ll play can be well-known and popular, and strongly linked to the Christmas tradition but also ones that are less known or are forgotten.

The piano has become the most important instrument for classical music. If you dream of learning to play this amazing instrument but don’t want to or can’t afford to sign up for the costly piano lessons, then teaching yourself at home from piano books will be your best option.

However, before you start learning to how to play Christmas carols, you obviously will need to learn the basics of playing the piano.

You might be aware that the first steps of learning to play the piano will seem tedious as, at this time, you practice simple ranges and easy pieces, often played with one hand only. It is very easy to play the first sounds on the piano in this way. One finger is enough to bring out one tone, and with one hand you can play a melody or chord accompaniment.

In a nutshell, the beginning of learning is very simple, so even at the age of 6 or 5 a child can start their adventure with the instrument. But one can learn to play the piano at any age, so you don't have to be a child to do it.

However, the farther into the learning process, the harder it gets since mastering more difficult pieces requires more practice and very good synchronization of hands and even feet when using piano pedals.

This should not turn you off, as playing a musical instrument brings a lot of benefits.

Science shows that playing musical instruments causes positive changes in the brain. And it is independent of age, both children and adults will greatly benefit from it. Because, for example, while playing the piano, we activate both brain hemispheres due to playing with our both hands.

In addition, we train our memory (remembering the consecutive music bars, notes and tempo of the music played) and motor coordination. Learning to play significantly improves manual and psychomotor skills, it also becomes an opportunity to practice concentration.

But apart from that, by learning to play the piano, we become more disciplined and more easily motivated to act. The necessity of daily practice teaches us discipline, and the ability to express oneself through sounds positively affects the emotional sphere.


Learn how to play Christmas carols on the piano and create a magic atmosphere in your home, caroling with your loved ones!


The are hundreds of different versions of popular Christmas carols, so it's really important to start with assessing your skills and needs before choosing what to play. First of all, find the right piano music book depending on your skills level.

If you have never played the piano before or you have just a basic knowledge how to play, but you dream about finally sitting down at the piano and playing the most beautiful carols this Christmas, then you need to buy Christmas piano books for beginners.

The beginner’s piano books will show you how to read arrangements and play carols on the piano, even if you don't know the score yet. Thanks to the exercise piano books, you will be able to teach yourself to play your first Christmas carols and melodies in a relatively short time. To play your first carol, use the arrangements in the form of notes for beginners.

Also, if you are only at the beginning of learning and want to know how to add variety to Christmas carols and melodies to your repertoire, you should refer to Christmas piano books for beginners.

If you already know how to play the piano a little bit more, but you lack freshness and ideas on what to do to make Christmas carols and other Christmas melodies sound original and beautiful, you should buy Christmas piano books, as well.

The books will teach you, among other things, how to use chords to play music, and you’ll learn to play simple accompaniment patterns that will put you in a real Christmas mood! You will create an accompaniment to the melody so that everything sounds really appealing.

After you learn the basics of playing piano, you'll be confident enough to reach for any other carol or song and learn how to play it yourself.

Just imagine what would happen if this year you could sit down to the piano and play your favorite Christmas carols while your family and friends watch you play in amazement. Not only play, but also sing with your loved ones and feel the real joy and magic of the season. The performance will be outstanding, and will make both you and your audience very happy.

Typically, Christmas piano books for beginners feature the most popular Christmas music in their collection, and have been designed for complete beginner pianists. Therefore, most of the carols can be performed without difficulty after just a few weeks of learning.

Often, the piano books offer various musical forms and genres (e.g. traditional, classical, waltz, jazz, oberek) so that each carol has a unique character.

The arrangements are always carefully composed, using various ways of leading the melodic line and textural treatments, such as playing with the right and left hand alternately, parallel theme management, uncomplicated imitations, or two-voice arrangements with occasional use of two sounds.

The best Christmas piano books for beginners to learn from

We present a quick overview of some of the most useful piano music books from which complete beginners can learn to play their favorite festive songs, in no particular order: (The links below are not affiliate)

Really Easy Piano: Bumper Christmas Book

It is especially recommended for beginner musicians and can be purchased online, on Amazon as well as other online bookstores. This beautifully published book contains a collection of 45 most famous songs, Christmas carols and Christmas pastoral songs in an easy arrangement for piano.

In addition, along with the book you will receive a code that allows you to download and use more music content online, e.g. videos, audio and e-book.

Great Piano Solos: Easy Piano Christmas Edition

The book from the series contains a collection of 37 of the most beautiful and popular Christmas carols, traditional favorites, easy listening, pop and rock pieces in simple piano arrangements for beginner performers. It includes easy-to-read notes, waltzes, chord symbols, and also lyrics for some pieces. The book is available on Amazon as well as from other online retailers.

Cool Christmas Jazz Play-Along

The beginner’s piano music book from the “Jazz Play Along” series can be purchased online from Hal Leonard publisher.

The collection consists of Christmas themed songs, which provides an excellent basis for learning for jazz piano musicians. The book is accompanied by a CD with  musician-friendly lead sheets, melody cues, music backgrounds and other split-track choices in order to make learning extremely easy.

In Recital with Popular Christmas Music, Book 1

The book for elementary piano students features amazing popular Christmas music of all time. It includes engaging, easy to sing along with, and recital-style piano music arrangements. It comes with a CD with special listening activities and interesting background information for each piece. Buy on Amazon.

In Recital with Christmas Favorites, Book 1

The book insists on motivating the student and providing a wonderful collection of all time Christmas favorites. The book reinforces basic musical terminology and symbols. Buy on Amazon.

Traditional Christmas Standards for Easy Piano

Also designed for the beginning pianist, the piano book covers traditional Christmas pieces. Easy to learn, explained in a simple format, and all you need to do is to have some fun practicing their great selection of carols. Buy on Amazon.

World's Greatest Christmas Songs

Great book with lots of songs to choose from for a sing-a-long that are easy to play. This collection of 65 arrangements that span multiple decades and styles, makes this a must-have for those who love Christmas music and the holiday season. Timeless carols, lyrical pop hits, and even children's songs are included, and lyrics and chord symbols are provided as well. Buy on Amazon.

Adult Piano Adventures Christmas - Book 1

Filled with just about every traditional Christmas song out there, whether secular music, sacred carols or children’s songs. For beginning students of all ages, it is easy enough for them to accomplish quickly. Buy on Amazon.

Ultimate Christmas: 100 Seasonal Favorites: Easy Piano

Quite an old piano book but it’s a great find for the beginner pianist. An ultimate collection of Christmas classics, this beautiful book shows chords and lyrics for all songs and an easy piano score. Can be purchased on Amazon or from Hal Leonard publisher.

MP140 - Piano Town - Christmas - Primer Level

Wonderful little book with a variety of songs, traditional carols, as well as with engaging artwork, a neat layout, cleverly arranged duet parts, and even coloring pages. As a beginning pianist, you will love your first Christmas at the piano. Buy on Amazon.


Beginner Christmas piano books for kids

35 Christmas Songs and Carols

Featuring 35 Christmas favorites, easy to read and play. It can be used for sing-a-long as it includes piano solo with lyrics. Can be purchased on Amazon or from Hal Leonard publisher.

Alfred's Christmas Sing-Along for Easy Piano and Voice

This solid collection for young beginning students includes traditional carols and Christmas popular hits and tunes. It covers 60 best holiday songs for easy piano and voice, together with lyrics and chord symbols. Buy on Amazon.

Pretime Piano Christmas, Primer Level: Beginning Reading

Fun piano book for the young beginner. Excellent book that includes a good variety of children's favorite Christmas songs. It’s great to use for Christmas recitals! Buy on Amazon.