Should Perfume Be Really Gifted for Christmas?


Each year, there is a fragrance craze just before Christmas. Perfumes as a gift are particularly popular during the Christmas season. Many people receive beautiful fragrances under the Christmas tree, while others buy them for themselves.

If we associate Christmas well, as time filled with positive energy, warmth, laughter, and wonderful time spent with our loved ones - the perfumes we receive will be associated with this as well. Later, you will remember the perfumes you got from someone, you might wear them only in winter, or all year round, or whenever you want to remember the festive atmosphere of Christmas. It all creates very special memories, which means that you might want to have such a fragrance in your collection forever.


Perfumes have the greatest power, they can evoke memories and at the same time they (usually) smell lovely. Enjoying the scent which reminds us of beautiful moments is priceless. And this is why perfumes are the perfect gift for Christmas.


However, opinions are divided whether perfume should be gifted for Christmas, or not. Some people think that buying a perfume for a gift is not such a good idea, because it is very difficult to satisfy someone else's taste, or it is such an expensive gift that the recipient might feel uncomfortable accepting it.


The bottom line is that you shouldn’t be purchasing perfumes for gifts if:

- you cannot afford buying it

- you have no idea what kind or brand of perfume a person likes (and you also have no desire or possibility to find out)

- the person we want to buy it for doesn't like perfumes

- you are sure that this person is very keen to receive something else instead


In all other cases, giving fragrances is most welcome.

Obviously, you can make a mistake when buying perfume for a gift. It might happen that the receiver doesn't like the particular fragrance you bought. So if you can't gently ask a person whether a particular fragrance suits them or find it out, be careful with buying perfumes for a Christmas present, unless you want your gift to become a gift for someone else.

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How can you know which perfume is right to buy?

There are many strategies which can help you make a decision on the best perfume to buy for a particular person.

Perfumes are indeed a unique way of expressing yourself. Different types of fragrance can be worn depending on the mood that person is in, either happy or sad, either lounging around the house, going to work, or going out on the town. Others simply love only one perfume, sometimes wearing it for many years, and they choose to wear the same perfume every day no matter where they go or what the occasion is. Either way, a perfume is a unique preference for each person.

By knowing the scent preference of the person you want to give it to or what fragrance they are currently using, you can be 100% sure that the gift will be the right choice.

When selecting a fragrance for a gift, choose one that brings a special memory to mind, such as the one that was worn on their wedding day, anniversary, or graduation from college. These scents will bring back happy memories and will make them feel happy. And if you don't know what scent it is, mention it casually in a general conversation in order to figure out.

Other ways to find out is to look at their perfume collection. Take notice, for example on the shelf in their bathroom, which perfume bottle contains the least amount in it. This way you will know which one she or he uses most often.

If these ideas don’t help in choosing a suitable perfume gift, you may need to treat them out on the town and allow them to select their own fragrance that they prefer.

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How to decide on buying a great perfume for a Christmas gift?

Most stores offer perfume gift sets which will include a real perfume or either an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne, a powder and body lotion, body wash, or soap. These perfume gift sets are a clever idea as they provide a variety of products and the gift will last longer.

You also have the option of buying perfume online where you can take your time to find the right bottle for that special person. However, sometimes it could be a challenge to buy perfume online without smelling it first, unless you are sure what exactly you want to get.

Good advice would be to better make sure that the perfume only contains natural essential oils so it will have a longer shelf life, which is important if the perfume is not used very often.

Regardless of whether you are buying a fragrance for yourself or for someone else, remember to think it through and test it. Every purchase of this kind should be thoroughly thought about even though you might be crazy about it right now. It may later turn out that although you loved it some time ago, you don’t like it now any more. But never buy perfumes blindly, without trying it first, as the chance that you find something exceptional is very low.

Don’t buy fakes! If you are not a perfume expert, under no circumstances buy them at auctions or cheap stores that offer prices two or three times lower than in perfumeries. Unfortunately, these are usually fraudsters who prey on naive people who want to save money, especially during the holiday season.

On the other hand, watch out for overpaying as well. Many original fragrances can be bought online at more attractive prices, which are much lower per bottle than those in stationary perfumeries. This is because stationary stores incur much higher maintenance costs, which are reflected in the product prices.

Last tip before shopping for perfumes (and not only). Don't wait for the last moment! Making a purchase of a Christmas present is a matter that you need to think about and decide wisely. Nobody likes shopping during a pre-Christmas rush. So shop in advance while you still have time.

Perfume gift ideas for HER

Choosing the right fragrance for a woman who is always positive, energetic, full of life and joy, is probably the simplest task. “Enthusiastic” fragrances will certainly have fresh scents with citrus, sea, or fruity notes, which are very popular on the market. Over 75% of the fragrances we buy start with a brisk explosion of citrus or sea notes. This type of fragrance is ideal for everyday use, both for work and school.

A floral-fruity fragrance for her is a smart gift idea for women who like classic scent compositions, with a bit of madness. It is associated with positive energy and smile. It is also good to wear every day.

Today, both at work and in private life, strong, charismatic women are increasingly taking the lead. Perfumes for a gift for such a woman should be associated with authority and competence. That’s why you need to choose expressive woody notes with floral accords. An elegant, feminine fragrance that adds charisma and contains oriental floral notes would be a great gift idea for a confident woman.

Have a look at the amazing Eau De Parfum collection for ladies.

Perfume gift ideas for HIM

Since perfumes are a tool for creating an image and style, they can give a man not only more competence but also add sex appeal. What a magical combination! For a charismatic, confident man, scents with expressive woody notes will be a good option. Such modern, masculine fragrances are perfect to use all day long.

If you're wondering which perfume to choose for a man who loves sport, the answer is easy. The Adidas brand offers a collection of fragrances composed to evoke the state of mind similar to what sport gives us. Adidas is an aromatic and dynamic fragrance with a strong, masculine base, perfect for active men who draw energy from sport.



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