All about the Christmas tree


Christmas decor is all about the Christmas tree because the tree is the main attraction of Christmas! 


Christmas tree tradition

The tradition of the Christmas tree is only 200 years old and it arrived from Germany as a remainder of the old pagan tradition of worshipping trees. It paved the way for the popularity of Christmas tree decorations during the festive season. However, at the beginning, people were decorating the whole tree only in the cities. In the villages, just one branch was decorated. At that time, the church was not very favorable to the Christmas tree because it was a reference to the pagan custom and the decorating was supposed to bring wealth and prosperity, while the decorations themselves acted as talismans. Luckily, with time, the church accepted and adopted the tradition of decorating trees.

Live Christmas tree alternatives

There are many stores and outdoor markets that sell Christmas trees. But if you are afraid of caring for a live tree, you can obviously get an artificial Christmas tree in store or online. Also, alternative Christmas trees that are now becoming more and more fashionable. Currently, artificial trees are much in demand because they are not messy. The branches do not break and the needles do not fall on the floor in the house. Artificial trees last long and are easy to decorate and handle. An example of such an alternative Christmas tree can be one made of pallets or twigs. Their advantage is that you do not have to take care of them, like a live tree, and there is no problem with needles. Often, these are also very designer trees. It all depends on your preferences.

Caring for a Christmas tree

If you choose to have a real Christmas tree in your home, then how do you care for it so it keeps its freshness and green needles for as long as possible? First of all, it must have an easy and constant access to water. You need to get special racks to which you will pour water. You have to keep the stand wet all the time. Before inserting the tree into the stand, its trunk should not be cut as this will make it difficult for the tree to draw water. The stand should be away from the sunlight and all heat sources. Do not place the tree in the aisle since constant jostling and touching will cause damage and faster drying of its twigs.

Best Christmas tree species

The best species of a coniferous tree to choose for the Christmas tree is pine, fir or spruce. They are chosen the most for three main reasons. The first of them is their durability. These are the trees that keep the needles for the longest time while at home. At the same time, they are the easiest to care for. The other advantages are their appearance and price. Even though these species differ in price, they are the most affordable. And they look the most attractive of all. You simply cannot pass by not noticing the distinctive, heavenly smell of resin, which is given off, especially by a spruce.

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas without a Christmas tree would be incomplete and Christmas tree decorations are an important part of the season’s celebrations. A Christmas tree truly sets the holiday mood. Decorations, without any doubt, add beauty to the tree. Houses, shops, roads and other places shine in the mystical grandeur of the Christmas trees. Everyone enjoys decorating the tree, whether adults or children, men, women, young or old - all appreciate the joy of the Christmas tree decorating.

If you want to decorate your green tree, there are all sorts of decorative items you can buy, such as Christmas tree lights, baubles and ornaments. However, rather than purchasing mass produced holiday decorations from a department store, why not patronize a local artist or crafter, or buying handcrafted items online? While large stores make a substantial profit, many hard working unknown crafters and artists struggle to make a decent living. Do a search online for handmade tree ornaments, gifts or décor, or go to a local craft fair, gallery or craft shop where you will find many beautiful and unique pieces of art and functional crafts.

Also, be kind to the environment by making or purchasing eco friendly and/or recycled Christmas tree decorations.

You can create your own recycled ornaments, too!


Here are a few of homemade Christmas tree decorating ideas:


» Take a large sheet of clean, previously used aluminum foil and color it with permanent markers in various colors. You can now crush the foil into bright, colorful balls, or roll them into spirals, stars or other shapes!

» Using metal or plastic jar lids as a base, cut out pictures from old Christmas cards or magazines and glue them onto the top of the lid. Decorate the edges around the lid with leftover thick yarn, fabric or lace.

» Glue gemstones and/or glitter onto used CDs. Tape or glue a ribbon, or string hook on the back.

For more ideas on making free holiday decorations see: Eco friendly Christmas decorations to make yourself.